Introducing The ‘Hold Your Own’ Series


Image: Manjit Thapp

How many times has a topic you feel passionately about come up in a group discussion?

How many times has a person said something controversial about this topic, which you strongly disagree with?

How many times has this made you feel uncomfortable and want to speak up, but your mind’s gone blank?

I know I’m far from alone when I say, this doesn’t just happen to me, and very often at that…

In heated discussions it’s easy for anger, shock or sadness to cloud over our knowledge on any given topics. It’s how you find yourself after listening to an incredibly insightful podcast on feminism that morning, getting tongue-tie trying to explain to a burly man “what are feminists still fighting for?”.

This is why I’m launching the ‘Hold Your Own’ series.

The series will provide comprehensive and succinct guides to the fundamental principles behind feminism, racial inequality and other subjects I feel passionately about. Each post will pose one question or statement (i.e. “I don’t see colour”). The post will then deconstruct this question or statement, providing you with a concise counter-argument which considers the point within its wider context and bigger picture.

My hope is if you ever find yourself in a charged discussion where you feel about to draw a blank, you will be able to fall back on the fundamental knowledge provided in these guides and apply it to any discussion, as you see fit.

This is called ‘Hold Your Own’ because this series is not about memorising lots of dates, stats or other things which could leave you flustered. It’s about understanding the key principles which can serve as the foundations for your knowledge and having the confidence to hold your head high and know what you’re talking about. Because if you didn’t back yourself before, you will after this series.

Watch this space for the first installment: ‘I don’t see colour’…xo

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